The Wallspace system provides the opportunity to show the community what is happening locally, ideal for regeneration projects and promoting positive community messages whilst lowering on-going maintenance costs.

  • External and internal options available - providing the best solution for your space
  • Value for money and highly visual- it will transform your space
  • Speed, variety and ease of application
  • It takes up the contours of the surface, effectively shrink wrapping the space
  • Opportunities to publicise and advertise are endless, promoting awareness, culture, diversity and creativity
  • Encourages interaction with the local community
  • Approx 30% cost saving over traditional painted murals
  • Innovative product and application
  • Creates an improved community space
  • The film can be printed with any photo (hi-res) design required
  • Anti-graffiti options available, graffiti can be wiped away 
  • The system is class 0 fire rated and is designed to be non-flammable
  • If the finish is vandalised in any way, individual panels can be removed and replaced, very quickly
  • Effective edge finishing to minimise vandalism
  • Reduced on-going maintenance
  • Speedy application minimises disruption on site
  • Easy to change periodically if required